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After a rewarding career as an exec in health and human service organizations, I've moved on to writing fiction. Bit of a change, for sure! I get to use my PhD in Public Health, inquisitive nature, sense of humor, and a penchant for travel, all wrapped together. The result is thoughtful mysteries based on historical facts, set in contemporary times, with strong female protagonists. I add in a touch of adventure, suspense, and romance because, well, don't we all need a bit of that?

I've lived in six states and two other countries, and call Texas Hill Country, near Austin, home. Some consider Texas to be another country, but for this purpose, I'm calling it a state. I travel, volunteer with several nonprofit groups, enjoy the company of my two grandchildren and hang out at my son and DIL's historic cafe in Wimberley. Visiting with friends over lunch is considered "helping", right? I'm especially interested in environmental and social justice issues, which tend to creep into my books.


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