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Celia Hayes is a retired military career NCO who writes extensively about the American frontier. She earned a degree in English Literature before an un-slaked taste for adventure and foreign travel led her to enlist in the United States Air Force. She trained as a radio and television broadcast specialist, and served for twenty years in places as various as Greece, Spain, Japan, Korea, Greenland and Ogden, Utah, and in a wide assortment of duties and pleasures which included midnight alt-rock DJ, TV news anchor, video-production librarian, radio and television writer and producer, production manager, tour guide and driving a bright orange Volvo sedan from Athens to Zaragoza, Spain, accompanied only by a small and cranky child. She retired from the military at the exalted rank of Tech-Sergeant (E-6) and began to work in office administration and sales at various San Antonio corporations and small businesses. She is currently the owner of San Antonio’s Watercress Press.


Luna City 3.1

Fiction, Contemporary, Humor
​​Welcome to Luna City; a scenic small town in Karnes County, Texas, home of the champion Mighty Fighting Moths high school football team - which doesn't win too many games any more, but the marching band are state-wide champions. The heart of downtown Luna City is Town Square - a grove of oak trees and lawns, and an ornate late Victorian bandstand. Businesses around Town Square include Luna Cafe and Coffee - run by Richard Astor-Hall, an Englishman and a runaway former celebrity chef, fleeing his past. There is Abernathy Hardware, nearly the oldest business in town, the Cattleman Hotel - which is haunted - and the Chamber of Commerce, situated in the old Luna Savings & Loan building, which once was robbed by the Newton Boys in 1922. Then there is Stein's Wild West Round-up' antoiquarian books, art and memorabilia run by the Georg and Annise from Germany, who were wild West enthusiasts from way back. On the outskirts of Luna City is the Age of Acquarius Campground and Goat Farm; that is run by Judy and Sefton Grant, who dropped out in 1968, persuing the commune life. To all these people, the intertwined and long-established Gonzalez and Gonzales clans, the Bodies of the feed mill, Patricia and Andy Pryor who run a BBQ food truck, Joe Vaughn who keeps law and order in town ... Luna City is home, and they wouldn't have it any other way.
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Luna City IV

Fiction, Contemporary, Humor
Welcome to Luna City, Texas - the little town on the banks of the San Antonio River, home of the Mighty Fighting Moths high school football team, the far-flung (and tightly intertwined) Gonzalez and Gonzales clan, a runaway former celebrity chef seeking to escape his past -- and perfect the ultimate perfect cinnamon roll. Luna City - where Joe Vaughn, the chief of police tries to keep a lid on what little crime there is ... and where everyone comes together to help rebuild the former commune called the Age of Acuarius Camp Ground and Goat farm after that unfortunate accident with the Native American sweat-lodge. Drop in for a visit - you might never want to leave.
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Sunset and Steel Rails

Fiction, Western
In the year 1885, proper young Bostonian Sophia Brewer flees everything she has ever known, in fear of her life and takes up a new life in the West under another name, as a Harvey Girl working in railroad stop restaurants. She finds independence and adventure, friends and just possibly romance. But there are still secrets in her life, secrets which might put everything about her new life in peril.
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The Golden Road

Fiction, Historical, Western
Restless sixteen-year-old Fredi Steinmetz longed for adventure and riches, especially when his serious-minded twin brother returned to Germany to study medicine. What better way to go about finding both then to go west, following the Gold Rush from Texas to California, So - he hired on as a teamster, and then a drover with a venture taking a cattle herd over the southern deserts -- to California. He made friends and met up with many a person who would later be famous -- or notorious: Jack Slade, Sally Skull, Charlie Goodnight, to name just a few. But Fredi didn't reckon on bandits and robbers, including Juaquin Murrietta, making friends with a mysterious piano-playing Fenian, or rescuing the man who would later become Judge Roy Bean from being lynched. He also didn't count on working for the firey newspaper editor whose murder would kick off the Vigilante Committee of 1856 and their violent sorting out of San Francisco. He hoped to find gold in the riverbanks of the Yuba River ... but did not count on murder, meyhem and mystery ... or touring the mines in the company of child star Lotta Crabtree and her theatrical troup. The wild, wild west, was never wilder, in this picaresque advendure by the author of The Adelsverein Trilogy, and Sunset and Steel Rails - in which Fredi Steinmetz appeared, as a much older man.
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