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A third-generation Texan, Debra's prowess as a poet began early when her poem, "God is Everywhere," appeared in the monthly edition of Dallas' Temple Emanu-El newsletter. This was actually the instance of her first recorded publication, and at the time the third-grader was pretty sure based on this early success that she would grow up to be an award-winning author. Her writing career was sidetracked a bit when she attended her big brother's band concert where the first chair flute player won the most medals. Debra wanted medals! She took up the flute and decided to be an award-winning flute player, so countries would pay her to perform, and that's how she would sponsor her love for international travel.


There's Jews in Texas

How do we know who we are? When you're a minority, everyone else likes to define you. When you're a little Jewish girl in 1960s Dallas, they tell you you're going to hell, your prayers are better, and you have perfect pitch -- and you wonder why they put your locker next to the locker of the only black kid in the class. Debra Winegarten's poems are sharp, sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, but always on the mark when it comes to our difficult understanding (and self-understanding) of difference. Her poems move through those childhood lessons in identity and survival to the loss of her mother and the inevitable dislocation such loss may create, exploring always our instinctual hungers for family, ritual, and tribe. - Dr. Ed Madden, Associate Professor of English, University of South Carolina
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Oveta Culp Hobby

2015 Best Biography Book

Biography, Historical, Non-Fiction
Oveta Culp Hobby (1905–1995) had a lifetime of stellar achievement. During World War II, she was asked to build a women’s army from scratch—and did. Hobby became Director of the Women’s Army Corps and the first Army woman to earn the rank of colonel. President Eisenhower chose her as Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, making her the second woman in history to be appointed to a president’s cabinet. When she wasn’t serving in the government, Hobby worked with her husband, former Texas governor William P. Hobby, to lead a media empire that included the Houston Post newspaper and radio and TV stations. She also supported the Houston community in many ways, from advocating for civil rights for African Americans to donating generously to the Houston Symphony and the Museum of Fine Arts.
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Where Jewish Grandmothers Come From

Winegarten brings us her sequel to "There's Jews in Texas?" keeping the conversation of Jewish identity, practice, and family alive and thriving in the Diaspora.
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