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Frank R. Southers is well-qualified to write about the Texas Lawyer Disciplinary System because he served in San Antonio on the Grievance Committee for 10 years, the last 6 as Chairperson. Since then he has represented complainants, accused lawyers, and witnesses.

As an Adjunct Professor of Law for 20 years at St. Mary’s University School of Law, Mr. Southers taught Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury Law, Personal Injury Practice, and Legal Malpractice.


To Get Even

Fiction, Crime Drama, Thriller
To get even with Jonathan Carter, a trial lawyer and chair of the San Antonio, Texas Grievance Committee, someone is sending him death threats. Every time he handles a trial or renders a lawyer disciplinary decision, he understands someone will be dissatisfied and he'll get the blame. Yet, life goes on, right? Until someone says, "Enough is enough. Carter, you're toast!"
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The Grievance Committee

Fiction, Crime Drama, Thriller
A novel about a serial shoplifter (Alexandria) who wants the Grievance Committee to discipline her court-appointed lawyer for tricking her into sexual relations. His defense counsel claims her made-up charges are spite from a broken love affair and he argues that Texas lawyers are not prohibited from sexual relations with clients. As the case moves through the secret lawyer disciplinary system in San Antonio, Texas, Alexandra--with the help of her patron Saint--discovers two other women with similar experiences with the accused lawyer and convinces them to also file grievance complaints. With his defense counsel's tactics and with the help of the accused lawyer's parish priest's threats to one of the women, the accused lawyer appears to be winning as the case heads for a jury trial before a judge with something to hide. For the rest of the story, read on!
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Senator White

Fiction, Crime Drama, Thriller
Ginny Hopkins, pregnant and married for over 2 years to Peter Hopkins, learns that she is not truly divorced from Hugh Robles because of her lawyer's goof. Now, she's charged in criminal court with Bigamy, a felony with a minimum 2 year sentence in State Prison. To get justice, Ginny files a complaint with the Texas Grievance Committee in San Antonio against her lawyer, Senator Tony White. The Grievance Committee prosecutor owes his job to Senator White and fears Ginny will reveal the complaint to the media to hurt Senator White's re-election campaign. Senator White understands the role money plays in the world of politics. If he wins, he will collect is due from the plaintiff's trial lawyers even though they opposed his re-election. The Chamber of Commerce crowd will celebrate his re-election and reward him for bringing home the bacon to San Antonio with "Senator Tony White Appreciation Day." The senator's legal assistant and lover, Norma Woods, won't let Senator White be bothered by some bogus grievance complaint. But Norma takes no chances and dreams up his perfect defense. She will do anything to protect Senator White. Will Ginny Hopkins find justice against powerful Senator White? The story's twists not only allow the reader to escape to a new venue but also provide a tasty treat for the reader's intellect.
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Lawyer Magic

Fiction, Crime Drama, Thriller
In the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, a magic sword was used to slay the dragon, although, alas, in spite of the magic sword, sometimes the dragon won. Now, in the modern world, since the magic sword has vanished, the dragon can be slain with lawyer magic. Can lawyer magic slay the dragon on a medical malpractice battleground? Experienced and aggressive, Shirley Helene Hoefska hates all 'ambulance chasers,' especially Karl Kincaid who, for the family of his brain-dead client, is seeking millions from Good Shepherd Hospital, her client, and the treating doctor. Kincaid has been sanctioned by the Grievance Committee for witness abuse and Shirley Helene has received counseling for anger management from a nun and a women priest. Neither lawyer will pull any punches in this trial before a jury in San Antonio, Texas. But, who owns the lawyer magic to slay the dragon?
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