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“Second chances find happy endings.” Peggy Tidwell is passionate about creating stories about good people who make bad decisions and then mop up their messes on the way to happily ever. Along with a redemptive theme, all her stories include Texas settings and dogs. She loves time with family, friends, and other creative souls and hosts a variety of gatherings in her Hill Country home. Peggy lives in Wimberley, Texas with her husband, Rodney, and their needy Australian Shepherd, Tessa.

A Gift Worth the Wait

Fiction, Inspirational, Religious, Romance
When Abby MacAustin moved with her family to Hot Springs, Arkansas, at the age of fourteen, she wondered if she would meet her forever love. As soon as she met her brothers friend, seventeen-year-old Kole Foxwood, she was sure she had found the one. However, Abbys age posed a problem for the two, keeping them apart despite the chemistry between them. When Abbys family moved back to Texas at the end of the school year, Abby was certain she would never see Kole again. To Abbys surprise, her path crosses Koles again seven years later as she travels back to Hot Springs while finishing college. As their relationship finally blossoms, giving her exactly what she had dreamed of, she begins to struggle with her teenage promise to save sex for marriage. Her promise is soon broken, leaving her conscience torn and ushering Christianity into her discussions with Kole. But Kole resists her discussions, beginning a chain of events that threatens to sever the bond he and Abby share. Abby finds herself finally turning to God and opening her heart to what he has for her. But will this be the end of her and Koles story? Join Peggy Tidwell as she crafts a story of romance, betrayal, and redemption for one woman who finds A Gift Worth the Wait.
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