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Brian Edkins was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and spent his childhood there. He purchased his first novel at the age of six and quickly learned the joys of fiction reading. Upon graduation from high school he spent three years in the U. S. Army. He received an Honorable discharge and returned home to attend college.

After graduation he began traveling for business and spent the next thirty-five years traveling the globe. With the enormous amount of time spent on airplanes he developed two ways of passing the time. The first was to accelerate his passion for reading and second, he began to jot down ideas for his own stories. By the time he had retired, he had traveled to every continent on the world with the exception of Antarctica. He has often credited much of his inspiration to his vast travels and time spent in so many countries.

Brian has written four fiction novels (Hollow Wings, Waltzing with the Dark Angel, Sapphire, and his latest book The Mark). He is currently writing his fifth fiction novel, Tarot, the second novel in the Jack Kohl Detective Series, which is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2018.



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