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My name is Sam Johnson and I am a retired advertising man. I have two very successful grown children and a wife who is the love of my life. I live on seven acres in the hill country of Texas, southwest of Austin. I eat too much barbecue and Mexican food, and whenever possible, drink a little red wine. All-in-all, life is pretty good.

I use to write about soap, cereal and the likes. Now I write just for fun. I write the way I talk, which is not always an asset.

I try to write about real things disguised as fiction, but I guess that’s what everyone tries to do. In any case, I hope readers find my work interesting.

The bottomline is one day I was fifty and at the top of my game and the next I was 65 and wondering where the time went, and as stupid as that sounds, that’s pretty much how I became a novelist.

I have written three books, and have a fourth on the way. It’s what I do for fun. I hope readers feel the same way.


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