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Jane Wyatt is a Licensed Professional Counselor, with M.A. in Health Education and an M.S. in Guidance and Counseling. She is the author of the Caregiver 10 Minute Guides series ( The 10 Minute Caregiver series is created with the understanding that caregivers don't have time to read 300-page books. The guides are designed to give information in a concise manner absorbed quickly and immediately offering solutions to problems. The first book, Visiting with Love: Productive Activities for Memory and Elder Care Residents was recognition that people don't know "how" to visit the elderly, especially those with memory loss. It details why certain activities are especially valuable, with suggestions for their application. Other books are in progress to address more issues. The second book is published in April 2022 is Communicating with Love: Creating Joyful Conversations with Memory Care and Elder Care Residents.

Jane served first as a counselor and educator for a hospice located in the Texas hill country. Later becoming the primary caregiver for her mother struggling with progressive dementia. These experiences gave Jane deeper insight into issues regarding caregivers and the lack of easily accessible resources for them. She began writing short books as a means of expanding support and information for caregivers. Jane seeks to create resources to help others now traveling the path she has already walked.

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