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The author of six novels and two nonfiction books. all of which have a legal angle due to her justice career .

Susan P. Baker, a retired Texas judge, is the author of six novels and two nonfiction books, all of which are related to the law. As a judge, she dealt with murder, kidnapping, incest, stalking, child support, child custody, and divorce. Prior thereto, she practiced law for nine years, spending much of her time in the courtroom. While in law school, she worked as a probation officer.

Susan’s father was a lawyer and a judge. She remembers him parking the family outside the old county jail while he went in to make bail bonds. She'd stare out the window at the broken glass lining the tops of the walls to prevent escapes and wonder what the jail was like inside. Later, as a probation officer and then an attorney, she became quite familiar with the interior of the jail but luckily could leave whenever she wanted.


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