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I've been writing since I was seven years old when my grandmother put paper and pen in front of me to keep me occupied on a rainy day in my native Vermont. "Write me a story," she said, and I've doing that ever since. My first paying job was at a newspaper (back when 10-year-old kids got to deliver them to your front door before dawn each morning). All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was either a cowboy or a writer, and when I moved to Texas I got to be both. I had a slight detour in the U.S. Navy, but thanks to Uncle Sam I got to see most of Europe, some of Africa, Australia, lots of the Caribbean, and all of the Orient including an interesting place called Vietnam.


Texas Redneck Road Trips

Travel, Non-Fiction, Historical, Texas
Where can you find a bait and taco cafe, a real shrunken head, catch catfish by hand, get a trophy for spitting seeds, watch beer being made, play cowboys and Indians using real bullets, eat dead animals while being watched by dead animals, stand in awe at the Toilet Seat Museum (no sitting allowed), observe the sunset in the east, and spend the night in a historic bordello where good looking ghosts roam the hallways? All these and much, more -- Texas Redneck Road Trips will tell you where to go.
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Who is Mother Neff and why is she a state park?

Fiction, Thriller, Spiriutal, Inspirational
Since 1923, from when the Texas state park system began, no one set of records was pooled together to show all the parks namesakes from biographical data; that is, until 2009 [86 years later] with Allan C. Kimballs WHO IS MOTHER NEFF and why is she a state park?
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Rainbows Wait for Rain

Fiction, Western, Suspense, Texas
Set in the Big Bend of Texas in the 1880s, Rainbows Wait For Rain is historical fiction at its best, heavily spiced with blistering action, non-stop adventure, and simmering romance. A sage saloonkeeper, a canny Indian scout, a youthful Texas Ranger, and a cavalcade of memorable characters follow a suspenseful trail with kidnappers, Apaches, Comanches, Buffalo Soldiers, and cold-hearted killers.
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Texas: The Capitol of Capitols

Non-Fiction, Historical, Texas, Travel
Why is Hawkins the Pancake Capital of Texas? Why is Friona the Cheeseburger Capital? Where is the Spinach Capital? The Hippo Capital? The Chili Capital? The Spur Capital? The Fruitcake Capital? Why is Kenedy the Texas Horned Lizard Capital of the World and Denison the Wine Root Stock Capital of the World? Sometimes more than one place claims to be a capital, like the watermelon or antique capitals. Find all the answers to questions you never knew you had in these pages, and learn a little bit more about the Lone Star State than you ever knew in TEXAS: THE CAPITAL OF CAPITALS.
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