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Arlene loves to write. Her earliest memory of exercising her writing skills was as a preteen writing to her secret confidant inside a daily journal. While Face Forward, Move Forward is the first book published under her own name, Arlene has more than 30 years experience as a nonfiction and technical writer. Arlene advises clients who want to write nonfiction by helping develop themes and directing the writing process. She’s been a ghostwriter for a variety of markets and media including trade magazine articles, human-interest and inspirational stories, and numerous educational and marketing programs for non-profits. She helped write a multigenerational family history of Texas pioneers: The Morehead Family History. She has also written numerous articles and short stories about North Texas engineering innovators.


Face Forward Move Forward

Face Forward Move Forward

Non-Fiction, Self-Help
If you’re running from a monster, instead of looking over your shoulder, you’ll cover more ground faster if you face forward in the direction you’re moving. In the non-fiction book Face Forward, Move Forward the monster is anger and pain originating from an abusive past. But how could I live a life 180-degrees different from what I knew, what I had beaten into me? In Face Forward, Move Forward these questions and more are answered. Face Forward, Move Forward is a true-life story, which starts with a generational legacy of abuse but grows into discoveries to reframe life goals for positive outcomes, therefore creating a new legacy of happiness and self-acceptance. The real heartbeat of the story is felt in the longing to live as more than a survivor.
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