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B. Alan Bourgeois began writing when he was just a child, but as many children of his era and of the artistic background were told, “You need to study and get a real job to earn a living.” That statement from a well meaning mother put a pause on his desire to write.

In 1989, he was asked to write a short story based on an actual event in his life. He did, and it was published as $200 Alan. Seeing his story in print once again inspired him to begin writing. Since then, Mr. Bourgeois has written many articles, short stories, editorials and has 7 books published covering many genre’s.

Through the process of writing and getting published, Mr. Bourgeois saw a need for additional marketing avenues for Authors that was not covered in the normal channels. While there were a lot of new ‘web’ based social networks for authors, there was nothing that really helped challenged them, and or gave them a way to promote themselves in a way that finds new readers; is in the process of being that new marketing tool.

In addition, Mr. Bourgeois saw a special niche market for Texas Authors; Texas Assoc. of Authors was thus created to highlight the estimated 1,000 Texas Authors that write on a wide range of subject matter. TAA does this through seminars, their on line book store, and traveling around the state with the TAA ‘pop up’ store.

Mr. Bourgeois continues to write when he can, and assist new authors through his company Bourgeois Media & Consulting (BMC). He finds great joy in helping authors work through the various steps and processes needed to get their book(s) published. “There is nothing greater than seeing someone’s dreams become reality,” he says.


Spirit Never Dies

Fiction, Thriller, Spiriutal, Inspirational
When the world is faced with a new level of evolution, two things can happen. It can be good or it can be bad. This is a story of how these two forces must come to terms with their powers and to deal with that humanistic nature of what is good or bad. Author B. Alan Bourgeois has written a fast pace novel about the new level of evolution known as the Star Children or the Indigo Children. This is a story of a man who tries to redeem himself by teaching these children how to use their powers for good. Sadly though, he blew his first chance and it has come back to haunt him.
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GAPH 2: The Readers

Fiction, Thriller, LeTs Bi Gay
Join our two Hero's Brent & Nicole as they find out their lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands around the country are at stake once again. They thought they had gotten rid of God's Army to Purge Homosexuality, only to find out that another person has taken the lead in this terrorist desire to rid America of Homosexuals. Will they succeed in destroying them, or will Brent and Nicole out wit them once again? This fast pace drama introduces us to a new collection of terrorist and hero's alike. In the end, who will survive the dramatic climax? We will tell you this, not all of the major characters live.
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Patients the Paramedic Pup

Children, Inspirational
A wonderful tale of how through pain, someone can find inspiration to create a toy that will help others deal with their pain and discomfort. Denise Wheeler , while going through childbirth, realized that she needed something to grasp to keep her mind off the pain, instead of squeezing her husband's hand. It had to be something that not only could take it, but also could bounce back better than her husband could. Patients was conceived on that day. Sadly, Patients was put aside as Denise raised her family. Since any good idea can't be kept under wraps for long, she mentioned it to a friend, who helped her to create "Patience the Paramedic Pup". This simple and yet wonderful toy is now available for children or other s who need something cute and cuddly to squeeze or pull or just hold when they are hurting or anytime they need a friend. PLEASE NOTE: The toy was never created to due lack of revenue. You are only purchasing the book that was created. It is the author's hopes to still create the toy at some time.
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2012 Texas Assoc. of Authors Best Spritual Thriller

Extinguishing the Light

Fiction, Thriller, Spiriutal, Inspirational
Faced with hard time in the worst prison for a crime he didn’t commit, one man is able to change the lives of many people, with little regard to his own personal well-being. This is what true humanity is all about: doing what is right for the whole, not for the one. This drama shows you what a real prison can be like, while at the same time giving you hope and understanding. B. Alan Bourgeois has written another great story for our times.
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