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C. M. Bratton writes novels, novellas, short stories, and scripts for film and stage. These stories represent a mix of fantasy, science-fiction, suspense, magic realism, psychological thriller, and yes – comedy! C.M currently has eight books published and one comic. She also was a co-writer on the film, “Sanitarium,” starring Malcolm McDowell, Lou Diamond Phillips, & Robert Englund, which has also been turned into a comic book series of the same name. In addition, C.M. is a trained performer, with B.A.s in Theatre Arts & Spanish from Yale University, & an M.A. in Drama from TWU. She performs/records all of her audiobooks. As an avid dragon watcher, C.M. looks forward to writing more worlds and sharing them with you.


Depths of Perception

2017 TxAuthors Best Sci-Fi Book

Fiction, Thriller, Sci-Fi
In the distant future, all that remains of humanity lives deep on the ocean floor. Here, scientists came to find a way to keep humanity alive. In the effort to preserve the human race, they combined human DNA with marine animals, resulting in a city populated by something more than they intended. Will the plans of the ancients come to fruition once the secrets of the undersea city have been laid bare? The fates of all who dwell beneath the waves will pivot on the world shattering choice of a homeless outcast who discovers the truth.
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RZA Chronicles: Omnibus, The

2017 TxAuthors Best Fiction Comedy Book

Fiction, Sci-Fi, Humor
Now in a single volume! All 24 stories of zany, hungry, shambling zombie madness. And (attempted) reform. And therapy. Plus those two pretty awesome doctors. Not to mention (except I just did) the chocolate and rose baths, because let's face it, zombies smell pretty dead! Yup, bring on the zom-com!
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Dragonlady Trilogy

Fiction, Sci-Fi, Trilogy
Now in a single volume - THE DRAGONLORD TRILOGY! Sea: the Cold Below - Dragonkind is at an end. In a desperate attempt to save the survivors, a new spell is created, one that will allow dragons to live on - at great cost to all the races of the Pact... Centuries later, Rothsarien of Clan Acamarian has a problem: his older brother. Wrethrian has created a mountain stronghold where the inhabitants worship him - against every law of the Pact. When Rothsarien goes to investigate on behalf of his clan leader father, he finds far more than he expected in the form of an imprisoned sythren
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Heart: a Vsceral Fantasy

2016 Best Fairy Tale Fiction

Fiction, Sci-Fi
Where Time stretches out as a Queen searches for the stolen piece of Her Self… Where a boy becomes Hunter when he follows the melody and loses his Soul in the process… Where two Sundered Selves meet in a fantasy of missing organs and sacrifice everything to be Whole, aided by a Worm, an almost-Cat, and guards without faces… Welcome to the Land of Wonder.
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