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David grew up in small towns around Houston with a Dad exploring for oil and a Mom who made sure he knew he was loved. Books were an early and continuing motivation. After high school he spent four cold years in Indiana, which formed the background material for his first book, Abraham Oracle. The life that followed took him around the USA and around the world to experience many varying cultures. The interesting people he met have formed lasting impressions and help create characters for his books. Eight cold years in Bristol, UK brought some desperately need culture to the Texas country boy. But we all know you can take the boy out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the boy. Fate brought him back to Texas where he met Marsha, the love of his life. After meeting so many exotic women around the world, it was a country Texas girl with a good heart who won his. He tried Georgia on more time, but found Marsha homesick for Texas and returned to live in Dripping Springs. David and Marsha each have two daughters, three of whom live in Texas. David’s next book takes place in the rice fields of Colorado County.


Abraham Oracle

Abraham Oracle

Fiction, Suspense
Abraham, Indiana is a town on the brink of destruction. Unemployment is high and getting worse. Businesses are closing or being bought up by a big-city developer intent on using his own labor force, and rage and racial tension boils just under the surface. It is a cold winter in Abraham, but prospects for the future of the city are much colder. When a stranger shows up with a plan to put the town back on its feet, most of Abraham enthusiastically embraces the idea, but there are skeptics who doubt Robert Barnaby's intentions. Is he the town's savior or another cog in their decline?
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