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Denise is an ordained Elder. She likes to encourage people to pursue their dreams, and the purpose that God has for their life. Denise is the founder and CEO of Denise Bryson Ministries and The Total U Enrichment Center. Denise Bryson Ministries is a God inspired ministry to promote prosperity of the soul to a closer walk with GOD, through teaching, prayer, writing and evangelism. The Total U Enrichment Center which is in its infant stage is a nonprofit organization that helps to enrich children, teens and young adults to reach Wholeness, Wellness, Wisdom (education) and Wealth. p>


Love's Reality

Love's Reality

Poetry, Inspiration, Women
When the world is faced with a new level of evolution, two things can happen. It can be good or it can be bad. This is a story of how these two forces must come to terms with their powers and to deal with that humanistic nature of what is good or bad. Author B. Alan Bourgeois has written a fast pace novel about the new level of evolution known as the Star Children or the Indigo Children. This is a story of a man who tries to redeem himself by teaching these children how to use their powers for good. Sadly though, he blew his first chance and it has come back to haunt him.
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The Things That Cross My Mind

The Things That Cross My Mind

Poetry, Women, Life
The Things That Cross My Mind is a collection of poetic thoughts and expressions intended to build people from the inside out by exploring four facets of relationship: About God and me; about relationship (male – female); about being single; and about life. Its poetry and psalms are designed to inspire, enrich, and help others approach life with confidence and assurance that they are important to God and significant to this world. Your gifts are needed; He gave them to you for a purpose.
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