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Fern Brady is the founder and Vice-President of Inklings Publishing. She is also Director of the Houston Writers Guild and together with, Denise Ditto Satterfield, is working hard to bring new opportunities to local authors. She began her career as a foreign correspondent, taught for 15 years for Alief ISD, and is a full-time Realtor in Houston. p>


Picture Day, Ella

Children's Picture Book
Ella Peluchie is having a hard time getting her portrait taken.  She is tired of sitting and is sure they already snapped her best side.  Now she just wants to go outside and play.  Join this precocious black lab as she fidgets her way through picture day!
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Smiley Face Blatoon, The

Have you ever watched balloons float away into a bright summer sky? Ever wonder where they go? What they see? In this book, six smiley face balloons escape from students on tour at the Statue of Liberty and take a trip around the world. Follow their journey on the map included and then expand your thinking with the activities on the last pages. Join the Smiley Face Blatoon on their cultural tour of our planet!
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Eclectically Criminal: Eclectic Writings Series

Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
This second volume of the Eclectic Writings Series is an anthology of short stories from a variety of genres and authors all of which revolve around a crime. From a funny tale of a bank robbery gone awry to the poignant pain of a young girl's rape, each tale is well-crafted and sure to entertain.
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Texas Short Stories by Texas Authors Vol 2

Fiction/Science 1st Place - Todd by Fern Brady

Fiction, Suspense
Texas Authors have once again allowed their creative minds to open up and expand the Universe in which they live with short stories that captures one’s emotions through the everlasting aspect of storytelling.
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