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The above pictures were taken at the event and afterwards, as Dear Texas, Inc., presented two $250 gift certificates for books to the Wimberley ISD and the Wimberley Village Library.

Members of the Texas Association of Authors, attend this book festival and others sponsored by Texas Authors, Inc., for free. Learn how you can take advantage of money saving ideas, while learning how to promote and market you and your book(s) better as a member or our organizaiton.

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Below is the list of authors by last name that are currently scheduled to attend the Wimberley Book Festival.  DEAR Texas, Inc., can not guarantee their presence the day of the event.

Author Listing by Last Name

 Barton, Angie

 Bennight, Kenneth

 Bourgeois, B. Alan

 Brady, Fern

 Bratton, C M

 Bryson, Denise

 Burnett, Anthony

 Campau, Todd

 Cantu, Luisa

 Clay, Cathy

 Cosgrove, Julie B

 Courtney, Suzanne Gene

 Cozzone, Kelly

 Earney, Michael

 Farmer, Larry

 Gale, Arlene

 Hawkins, Jeannie

 Hayes, Ceila

 Hemenway, Adrianne

 Holcomb, DeAnn Daley

 Holt, Kira

 Kilgore, Joe

 Kimball, Allan C

 Kinzie, L E

 Lee, Ernest

 Lowe, Judy

 McIlvain, Myra H

 Metcalf, Teri

 Montgomery, Denise

 Morris, Larry

 Murphy, Sandra Fox

 Nelson, Lori M

 Perez, Jaime

 Prosser, Tranea (MizT)

 Schmutz, John F

 Scott, Tweed

 Shields, Kathleen

 Smith, Jackie

 Southers, Frank R

 Sprout, Aunt Eeebs

 Theriot, Jennifer

 Tidwell, Peggy

 Tracy, Janice Branch

 Willis, Joe

 Winegarten, Debra

 Young, David



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