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My name is Jackie Smith and I am the principal of a small pre-school and private school in Austin, Texas. My educational background includes a B.A. in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Saint Edwards University in Austin, Texas, graduate work at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, a M.S. in Educational Psychology from Walden University in Minnesota, and a doctorate in Educational Psychology from Walden University.


The Lost One

Fiction, Military
A gripping story of four friends who were drafted at the same time, served together through basic training and at the front lines; then, when the cease fire is put into effect, one who has been a prisoner of war chooses to stay behind in North Korea. The other three go home, attend college, meet girls, marry and find careers.
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Old Fashion Girl

Fiction, Romance
A handsome, successful young building contractor. A beautiful, intelligent young woman. An unexplained disappearance. An angel in disguise. And an adorable abandoned child. Savor the journey.
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The Hourglass

Fiction, Romance
While still a child, a young woman discovers that she has an unusual ability to manipulate the minds of others. She is driven to make decisions which directly affect the lives of others. With results irreversible, she often struggles with her own morality. Is it a gift? Or is it a curse? When one individual controls aspects of love, faith, judgment and even death
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Once More with Feeling

Two people meet in a seedy country-western watering -hole called the "Giddiup." One is a young widow named Emma-Lou who feels responsible for the death of her family. The other is a young college-educated rancher named Jonas, who is without family except for a surrogate father who lives on a neighboring ranch.
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