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Jeannie Braxton Hawkins grew up in the quiet, small town of Checotah, Oklahoma. She was the youngest of four children. Jeannie was inspired at an early age to write fiction novels, by her Mother, who always encouraged her to use her imagination.


Snow of an Angel

Snow of an Angel

Fiction, Romance
Sarah Jordan's life was pretty boring after she finished high school. Most people her age left the valley to further their education, but since her ma and pa couldn't afford it, Sarah was not so fortunate. After a quick initiation into adulthood, Sarah's boring life suddenly began to spiral.
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When We Hit Bottom

When We Hit Bottom

Fiction, Inspirational
The oil crash that began in 2014 brought a lot of apprehension to the U.S. oil industry regarding what might happen over the coming years. Throughout 2015 oil prices continued to fall forcing many companies to lay off mass numbers of employees. By late 2015 everyone in the industry feared the worst case scenario. In this fiction novel, middle-aged Gordon Huffmeister has been employed for 25 years with a company in Houston, Texas that is supported by the oil industry. During his career he has been promoted to Vice President of Sales and Operations. Follow Gordon's journey through this trying time as he endures life-changing hurdles. Follow this fiction story of how the oil and gas industry crashes and returns, and see what happens when Gordon begins to doubt that God cares.
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