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Joe Kilgore is the author of over 20 short stories published in magazines, creative journals, anthologies, and online literary magazines. His short stories have won praise as well as prizes from Los Angeles to New York.

He is also the author of four published novels. Each is different and distinct.


A Farmhouse in the Rain

A Frarmhouse in the Rain

Fiction, Suspense, Romance
A Farmhouse in the Rain is a novel of war and peace, crime and punishment, love and loss, and eventually hope. It's a saga of three American soldiers and the women they love - before, during, and after World War II. During the war, the three are given shelter by a French woman. The next morning she is found dead and the trio realize they were the only ones in the house. While the three survive the war, the questions remain: Who will survive the peace? Who will unite with the love they left behind? And who will be unmasked as the murderer on that fateful night at A Farmhouse in the Rain.
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Sin And Sombreros

Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Romance
A favor for a friend puts San Diego private investigator Brig Ellis in contact with a real knockout. But the first time they meet, the specter of larceny hangs in the air like the stale scent of Al Capone's cigar. Before Ellis can decide to make a pass or make tracks, he is hired by the black sheep of a dysfunctional dynasty to retrieve the clan's daughter from apparent involvement with Zapatista rebels in Mexico. A tale of two cities ensues laden with hidden agendas, revelations, recriminations, murder, mayhem, and a final conflict that unfolds on the eight thousand foot cliffs of the Copper Canyon Railway. But perhaps it's not as final as it seems. SIN AND SOMBREROS marks the debut of Kilgore's contemporary gumshoe whose character traits are rooted firmly in the past. He'll be tilting at windmills and turning over trouble in a series of Brig Ellis sagas. Keep an eye out for the next one.
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Blunder, The

Fiction, Suspense, Romance
After a long and successful career, Brice Lanning sees himself as the consummate advertising man. When an insensitive boss, years his junior, tactlessly reassigns his major account, Lanning takes it as a personal insult. Retreating to his favorite watering hole, he embarks on a monumental bender and a particularly ill-conceived revenge. It's a snafu that triggers an inexorable chain of life-changing events. The Blunder is a modern cautionary tale that makes each of us question whether we are captives or architects of that elusive thing called fate.
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Golden Dancer, The

Fiction, Suspense, Romance
A day’s work unwinding the affairs of a wealthy deceased explorer leads Jonah to discover a hidden journal hinting at a lost treasure buried deep at sea off the Canary Islands. Starting a love affair with the explorer’s beautiful but troubled young granddaughter, soon Jonah finds himself on an increasingly dangerous treasure hunt, accompanied by a cynical older adventurer and his no-nonsense female assistant (ex-IDF), a violent drug dealer, an opportunistic local and a wise woman whose people want to reclaim what lies under the sea for their ancestors, who seem to have cursed the treasure-hunter's venture… Fast-paced, exciting, with flashes of humor and unexpected plot twists in the exotic setting of the Canary Islands, THE GOLDEN DANCER is a juicy, intrigue-filled adventure.
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