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Mr. Schmutz enjoyed a rewarding career as a corporate attorney, including serving as a member of the executive management committees of several large, public corporations. He has enjoyed a lifelong fascination with all aspects of the Civil War, and one of his objectives in life was ultimately to find the time to perform the required research and write on that subject. By reducing his workload, he has found the time and flexibility to research and write extensively. The result to date has been two books, of which he is extremely proud. A third work is in process. In addition to immersing himself in the Civil War, Schmutz also pursues genealogical research, remains an avid golfer and general sports fan, in addition to possessing a fascination for international travel, which he indulges in on a frequent basis. He also is involved in advising charitable organizations. A native of Oneida, New York, he now lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife, Marie. Together they have three grown children living in various parts of the country.


The Bloody Fifth

The Bloody Fifth

Non-Fiction, Military, History
Faced with hard time in the worst prison for a crime he didn’t commit, one man is able to change the lives of many people, with little regard to his own personal well-being. This is what true humanity is all about: doing what is right for the whole, not for the one. This drama shows you what a real prison can be like, while at the same time giving you hope and understanding. B. Alan Bourgeois has written another great story for our times.
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The Battle of the Crater

The Battle of the Crater

Non-Fiction, Military, History, Civil War
The Battle of the Crater is one of the lesser known yet most interesting battles of the Civil War. This book, detailing the onset of brutal trench warfare at Petersburg, Virginia, digs deeply into the military and political background of the battle. Beginning by tracing the rival armies through the bitter conflicts of the Overland Campaign and culminating with the siege of Petersburg and the battle intended to lift that siege, this book offers a candid look at the perception of the campaign by both sides.
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