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Judy is a retired part-time G/T teacher in the Dallas Independent School District in Dallas, Texas. Since 1966, she has acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education. Her hobbies are reading, working in the yard, walking, and being outside.


MJ’s New Friend

2015 Book Award, North Texas Book Festival (Children Ages 6-12)

MJ’s New Friend is a story of acceptance, friendship and finding the courage to do the right thing. When MJ sees a new boy at soccer practice, he notices there is something different about the boy, but instinctively likes and trusts him. As their friendship unfolds, MJ learns there is more to the boy than he realizes. It is up to MJ to “step up to the plate” and become a leader, stand up for his friend, and encourage the other children to look past their apparent differences and find the heart of friendship in diversity. Appropriate for all ages, MJ’s New Friend encourages positive character traits and helps children understand acts of friendship, courage, love, loyalty, strength, perseverance, leadership, and self reliance.
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An Almost Very Scary Day

Ever since the Little White Light first started appearing to Penny, it showed up in the corner of her bedroom ceiling—both at night and in the early morning hours—and blinked, reassuring her with its presence. But one night, it wasn’t there. The next day, as Penny thought about the Little White Light’s absence, her best friend MJ stopped by. No longer wanting to keep the secret of the Little White Light from him, Penny told MJ all about the light and how very special it was to her. While the children talked and worked in Penny’s garden, they heard a frightening screeching and squawking coming from the side of the house. What could be making such a terrible noise? Facing a scary situation on their own, the children must learn to find courage and compassion in the face of fear.
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Little White Light, The

Children, Fiction
Sure to become a family classic, The Little White Light is about an inspiring, delightful and uplifting relationship that will comfort you just as it comforted Penny. The little white light has a special charm about it when it blinks, as Penny discovers at night, in the morning and even during the day. Children of all ages, as well as adults, will enjoy reading along with the help of the delightful and whimsical color illustrations. The Little White Light will become a memorable experience every time it is read for years to come.
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