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Kathleen J. Shields is a very creative, highly imaginative and extremely dedicated, hard working individual. She has published two young adult books, and the Hamilton Troll’s Adventures - fully-illustrated rhyming children’s stories. She is writing many more children's chapter books, adult stories and an inspirational Christian story all while running her own graphics and website design company.


Hamilton Troll Cookbook

2017 Texas Authors Best Cookbook

Children, Cookbook
Cooking with Hamilton Troll and friends helps young children 5-10 yrs learn skills like measuring, pouring & mixing. Children will learn fun ways to make delicious recipes that are surprisingly good for them. These great kid-tested recipes are a wonderful introduction to the culinary arts. Also included: kitchen safety tips, creative craft activities, and ideas for special occasions.
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Constellation Crimes

Fiction, Middle School, Juvenile Fiction
A giant scorpion, a crab attack and a killer wolf – what do these three have in common? The zits on Jared’s face. The night a red meteorite crash lands in the woods, Jared’s world gets turned upside down. Each time the zits appear his friends connect the dots and discover they create the pattern of an actual constellation. Looking up the myths behind the stars, they realize the stories are coming true! It’s up to them to figure out why it’s happening, how to stop it and how the new red-haired substitute teacher (from Mars) is connected. It’s a crime what’s happening – a constellation crime.
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Hamilton Troll and the Big Race

Emotions run high when Starlit challenges Hamilton to a race. Hamilton's certain he can't lose and Starlit's sure she'll win. The characters plan a course that takes the trolls through Hamilton's world. It's an action-packed race. Yet that's when the story takes an unexpected turn. In every good race there will be a winner and a loser. This is an important life-lesson on how to be happy even when you're sad.
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Painting, The

2017 TxAuthors Best Religious Fiction Book

Fiction, Religious
We start our lives as a blank canvas. It's our diverse experiences that add color and definition to our painting. Gerald's world was often harsh and challenging. Feelings of loneliness and isolation were normal for him. The people in his life didn't understand him and as a result, often ignored him, or refused to make time for him. However, the nature that surrounded Gerald inspired the most sympathetic and caring young child you could ever know.
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