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L E Kinzie always wanted to be one of the Supremes, the 1960s, singing group. Since the timing didn't work out for that dream, she became a corporate lawyer, promptly forgetting who she was. During a time-out from her law career,she started writing to relocate her own soul and spirituality and found her calling.She is a first time- non- fiction author dedicated to the proposition that God is not grim, colorless, condemning or humorless, so why should religion be? She knows that true spirituality is too important to belong to a few experts, but belongs to all of us,and that we all have something unique and important to say. Her hilarious youtube slam poetry style video explains why she wrote the book and who she is. You can scan it at right or find it "A Funny Thing Happened In McChurch " on her youtube channel.

She is a recovered religious addict, who like so many of us, was told what to believe and did so to her detriment, until she woke up, wised up and freed herself from a religion that was at odds with spirituality, grace, forgiveness or the teaching she always thought was most important- love your neighbor as yourself, and judge not. To help herself and others she developed a Spiritual Toolbox she describes in her book . She makes no commandments or prescriptions, but merely suggests tools that worked and shares her gripping, and intimate personal experience of going from condemnation and living by rules and commands to freedom, confidence, and a more authentic spirituality that adapts to her life, because it is not imposed, but embraced.

She is a poet, sometimes, singer, mother, wife, blogger Youtube video performer, sarcastic but earnest theologian and student of the heart and its intersection with the soul. Her philosophy is Take What You Like and Leave the Rest. Her book is written in the same way: and can be read out of order. You may like her journey and story, or her detox tools, or her penetrating and poignant poetry that charts her changing feelings of disbelief, betrayal, irony at finding herself in a Fast- Food religion and ultimately heralds her triumph over it.There is also some interesting and sound theology. Enjoy.



Ignite celebrates the beauty and sacredness of American life in a way to which any reader will relate. From top-selling author L E Kinzie comes her first collection of poems. Regardless of the subject matter, Kinzie's poetry reflects an unmatched ability to create works of palpable emotion. Kirkus Reviews agrees, saying Ignite is “a compilation of verse that’s popular in the best sense of the word”, and referring to it as “…this sumptuous collection. ”
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L E Kinzie pulls off writing a spiritual book with the jaw-dropping twists and turns of a suspense thriller. It grabs and holds you from the first brutally truthful page to the last. She battles with and struggles against the scandalous and depleting tyranny of her religion, arriving at the shattering reckoning of truth: her religion is really an insidious addiction that has betrayed her in the most devastating and soul- stripping way. Summoning all the backbone and pluck she can muster, we are inspired as she embarks on a journey to the real truth, no matter who are what she must confront. She creates an eye- opening spiritual detox program and amazing tools that make this a story of liberation and victory for anyone desiring to be freed from domination by others, and the lies that teach shame, unworthiness and fear of imperfection “ This book is an excellent read whether one is religious, agnostic or atheist.” (Amazon Review)
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