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My paintings contain stories some part of which may reach the viewer. writing is more direct, in many ways a simpler means of communicating. we all use words, we know what words mean or we think we do. nuance, the double entendre, irony, sarcasm, misleading statements and outright lies make things more complicated. that saying, 'a picture's worth a thousand words' is never more true than when the written word has to somehow convey the expressiveness of the spoken word.


A to Z Book of Weeds and Other Useful Plants

A to Z Book of Weeds and Other Useful Plants

Non-Fiction, Plants, Travel, Texas
Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them. When it comes to the world of nature, adults often can't help other than to say, "Don't touch that!" "Don't play with that!" or "Don't eat that!" Of course, children will do all those things anyway. Therefore, simply, intriguingly, informatively, and I hope humorously, this book tries to introduce young and old alike to the plants around us that are considered to be a nuisance, worthless or potentially harmful: the weeds. As we find, those plants that we don't want, and annually spend millions of dollars trying to eradicate, have served mankind for thousands of years and though we may not realize it, continue to provide food, medicine, shelter, clothing and pleasure to millions of people worldwide. If, seeing a bush or tree laden with fruit, you ever wondered, "Can you eat those?" or have seen a beautiful tiny wildflower and wished you knew its name, this book will start you on a journey of discovery not to be missed, starting right outside your door.
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Agla and Kevin

Fiction, Middle School, Suspense, Texas
What if a band of Indians, not contacted since their ancestors retreated from the Spanish conquistadors, remained living in the Texas Hill Country? Young Kevin Jones, lost and injured, chances upon these people and begins a life unimaginably different from the one he has known. He learns the ways of living in harmony with nature and is opened to the strange and inexplicable world of shamanism.
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Be Not Deceived

Fiction, Suspense,
if you didn't take advantage of the bonus short story, 'rip 'when purchasing, 'corpus' you are in luck because you can also get it with 'bnd' where you can follow another of detective matt grey's cases which takes him to the Texas coast, life's a beach, right? A mysterious call from a beautiful woman, (I know, but at least she doesn't walk into his office and blow smoke in his face) sets off this matt Grey adventure. A trip to Houston to track down the connection between his client's holiday in Sicily and the mafia teaches him more than he or his client wanted to know about, 'Cosa Nostra'.
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2017 TxAuthors Best Suspense Book
Rules are set in stone – that is until someone shatters that rock and all hell breaks loose. A determined oil driller uses an illegal fracking method, causing a devastating earthquake and fire which destroys much of San Antonio. Cave explorers, Jesse and Jake, are trapped in the dark with a monster crocodile, long thought to be extinct – Aquasaurus – a forty-foot, 8-ton descendent of Carnufex – “The Butcher”. World-class rock climber, Rita, must overcome her lifelong fear of darkness to rescue her boyfriend Jesse. A state senator must juggle her fear losing a child, with the greater need of thousands of disaster survivors. A businessman must deal with the fear of losing a business his dying father spent a lifetime building. Why is Rita afraid of the dark? What happens when Aquasaurus escapes from the cave system and runs loose among disaster survivors? What will happen if the dangerous crocodile escapes into the Gulf of Mexico? Fear can cause people to react in unpredictable ways. Fear can distort judgment, and cause likeable people to commit irrational acts. Fear can masquerade as bravado. Fear can paralyze. Fear can provide a cover for the truth. The problem with fear, is we think fear is the problem. Everyone has a fear of something. What are you afraid of?
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