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Educated at University of North Texas, Tony Burnett is Managing Editor at Kallisto Gaia Press, home of The Ocotillo Review The Texas Poetry Calendar (beginning in 2018). An award winning poet, journalist, activist and songwriter, his poetry and short fiction have been published in national literary magazines and anthologies including, Story America, Frontier Tales, Texas Poetry Calendar, Poetry @ Round Top anthology, Tidal Basin Review, Di-verse-city Toucan Literary Magazine. He is Editor in Chief of the on-line blog with over 6000 subscribers and serves as Board President of the Writers' League of Texas. He makes his home in rural central Texas near Temple with his trophy wife, Robin. His hobbies include poking wasp nests with short sticks and wandering aimlessly about.



Reckless Hope of Scoundrels, The

The Reckless Hope of Scoundrels

Fearless, irreverent, caroming between the world’s end and the most intimate of moments, Tony Burnett’s poetry collection, The Reckless Hope of Scoundrels, is a rip-roaring rodeo ride through a world tilting on its axis. This collection is filled with insightful music, both gentle and blunt. The book creates a place where “[l]iar’s words stink, mullet bloated and bursting / near brackish backwater on a red tide bay....” Burnett has an ear for the subtle notes that string each disparate piece together in a necklace of smooth sound. This collection, spanning three decades, is carved from Texas’ mesquite and bursts from the Lone Star’s thick clay with a secular, singing magic.
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Southern Gentlemen

Southern Gentlemen, takes you into a world where the sweat trickling down a sunburned neck and the Spanish moss swaying in the breeze are as vivid as the working class heroes of his stories. Burnett captures his characters with a descriptive prose and in-your-face dialog. These stories blend genres from a mystic surrealism to the grittiest of reality.
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