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MizT is a seasoned comedienne, as demonstrated on her nationally-available comedy CD, Back at ‘Ya, Lord! (her debut recording). She has shared her comedy primarily within the Central Texas area, but has been making inroads nationally in selected cities across the United States. She brings laughter in churches, at banquets, and any other place with a microphone and set of speakers. She does it all in a clean, family-and-kid-friendly manner that is pleasing to all.


Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?

Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?

Non-Fiction, Humor, Inspirational
If you read the title “Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?” then your interest would be piqued, right? Tranea Prosser wrote a book with that title, talking about her experience with celibacy and Christianity and relationships.
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