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Van G. Garrett (also known as Fui Koshi) is an internationally celebrated artist and author. As a visual artist, Van's / Fui's photography, videos, and paintings have been on display or utilized by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston; the University of Rhode Island; Rice University; the International Film Channel (IFC); the Indie Black Film Festival; the Aurora Picture Show; HBO's The Wire: Spoken Word Battle; The Source, and Capitol Records. As a literary artist, Van has received numerous awards and fellowships, including a BID Fellowship (Italy); Dr. Kwame Nkrumah International Study Scholarship (Ghana); a Poets & Writers, Inc. Readings / Workshops Grant; an Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation Scholarship to attend a Fine Arts Work Center Fellowship; a Hurston/Wright Fellowship for poetry; two Callaloo Creative Writing Fellowships; and a Great River Arts Institute Fellowship. Additionally, he has served as a judge for the National Poetry Slam.

Iron Legs in the Trees, The
The Iron Legs in the Trees is a narrative of how slaves who were once caged by the Danes became cannibals after overthrowing King Archibald in 1876. The sea dwellers (Aphzebo) and land dwellers (Terazebo) worked closely to take their independence; however, the conquered castle becomes too crowded for the boors. The land dwellers launch a war against the unsuspecting sea dwellers, sending them running for the shelter of the Wootoosi trees on Zaco Island, where they roost. Battles transpire. Blood is spilled. And those who dwell in trees seek to maintain their dominance, feasting on their enemies, one morsel of flesh at a time.
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49: Wings & Prayers

2017 TxAuthors Best African American Poetry Book

Kwansaba: a non-rhyming poetry form based on Kwanzaa (the African American holiday that celebrates seven principles): seven lines, seven words per line, with no word other than proper nouns containing more than seven letters. In the case of Van Garrett’s new collection, running the gamut from juke joints, haircuts, and being shot; to a series of homages to Jayne Cortez.
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Songs in Blue Negritude

Garrett's first book of poems attempts to extend the tradition of the Negritude movement, but displays a sense of style uniquely his own. Utilizing a number of poetic forms, Garrett pays homage to his heroes and elders while showing his abiding love for hip-hop, injecting a sense of play into many of his poems. Garrett's poetry has been featured regularly in the media, including HBO's THE WIRE, IFC, and at the Indie Black Film Festival.
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ZURI: Selected Love Songs

Poetry, Music Lyrics
ZURI: Love Songs is artist and writer Van G. Garrett’s most personal and risk-taking collection of poems to date. The introspective poems that chronicle Garrett’s travels around the world, his celebrity friendships, his musical influences, and his love interests, are sincere and thoughtful. A continuum of his debut collection Songs in Blue Negritude, ZURI offers profound insight into a complex poet with the precise voice that award-winning author A. Van Jordan penned: Will save poetry from extinction.
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