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Aunt Eeebs

So - I (...Sprout!) searched for a picture of my sister that I knew would not get me in trouble and this is as close as I would dare. All the other pics had expressions of "'you better not!" 'Eeebs' as she was originally dubbed (by my children), plays a big part in the creative side to make the ideas become refined. When we are "in tune" and "clicking", the cute rhymes and alliterations seem to just appear in our laps. Aunt Eeebs enjoys the signing appearances and loves reading and interfacing with the little ones very much.

…and Sprout!

Always being interested in art and creative projects, Sprout started from a young age developing products. Generally working behind the scenes, the large majority of art, layouts, coordination and marketing falls under Sprout's to-do list. Many aspects of the Dino-Buddies characters and hobbies reflect the ideals and interests of Sprout in his everyday life. Passionate about the entire Dino-Buddies adventure, every day brings an opportunity to just do something positive. .


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