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After service in the Navy, George moved his large family ins search of work as many families also had done decades before. The family had moved to California during the dust bowl and settled in the Central Valley. It was not an easy time for Jesse buy he learned how to survive and developed his imagination and love of the old west, often imagining himself riding horses across the Great Plains or following the trails of the wildlife that seem to plentiful as a child. Getting an education was not at the top of Jessie’s thinking t that time, and he paid the price for it many times in the future. However, through the years of dreaming of a different life, Jesse was able to break that path and move on to figuring out that he had a natural gift for art and at 50, taught himself sculpting. Sculpting spurred his imagination, which led to the writing down those stories which he had been keeping in the back of his mind, and all the new stories yet to come. The future is just now starting anew for Mr. Beard.

Cowtown Texas 1872

Cowtown Texas 1872

Fiction, Thriller, Historical
Follow along with author Jesse Beard as he tells you the story of three extraordinary families: the Beards from Kentucky, the McClure’s from Arkansas, and the Indian princess, Standing Moon, as they make the arduous journey to Texas. Within this text, you will encounter the story of key characters such as Standing Moon, the Indian Princess, Cheryl, the fiery redhead, the sweet, lovable, Nancy, and the bubbly Helen, and of course, Joe and Sam. The journey sweeps across Texas into New Mexico and Oklahoma as the families struggle to survive and become successful politicians as well as wealthy land and cattle and oil barons. Their family struggles will hopefully open your eyes to the history of these extraordinary folks.
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