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J Aaron Pratt

A native of Texas, Aaron was raised in San Antonio. He attended Arizona State University where he studied Architecture and Urban Planning, and moved back to San Antonio to continue his education at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he studied Interior Design. He is currently working in the field of architecture, where his 17 years of experience has provided him with the skills of organized planning, attention to detail and management.

Aaron has been married to his wife Dane for 12 years and is the father of two beautiful boys, who are the inspiration to his children’s books. His boys give him great passion for life . . . “Their journeys, through life, each year are truly inspiring.”


Javier Zamora

Passionate about all forms of art & expression, Javier is an Artist who enjoys exploring all mediums. Dabbling in paint, print & technology, “My favorite medium is the one I have never used.

Formally trained in the practice of architecture, Javier began his education in Uvalde Texas where he was born and raised. He attended Uvalde High School and completed his education at the University Of Texas at San Antonio, where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture. Also noteworthy is Javier’s selection to attend an exchange program in Mexico City at UNAM.

Javier is married and a father to two children. He not only enjoys spending time exploring new places with his family, but he is also driven to connect with people. “Forging new relationships is the goal. I want to meet people that are not like me. Those are the ones that teach.”

J.J. and the Steel Dragon

J.J. and the Steel Dragon

Fiction, Middle School, Fantasy, Children's, Graphic Novel
J.J. would love nothing more than to join his friends outside, but there's just one huge obstacle . . . he has been sent upstairs to clean his messy room. Come and join the exciting journey as J.J. creates an adventure out of his unlikely situation with the use of his special imagination glasses. This adventure shows that sometimes it takes a HUGE imagination to overcome a small obstacle. J.J and the Steel Dragon is the much-anticipated story book from the creative minds of Javier Zamora and J. Aaron Pratt. Illustrated with bright and vibrant colors, this adventure story encourages the use of imaginative exploration and creativity.
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