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Texas Book Publishers Association advocates Texas literature, authors, and publishers through support, legislation, and education…even if it hair-lips the Pope.

Traditional Publishing Services

We offer traditional publishing services for qualifying works of Texas literature, historical, non-fiction, and historical fiction. Non-traditional Publishing and ancillary services include editing, layout, and design, cover design, marketing are available.

Preservation & Conservation.

We capture titles, original artwork, and photos, scan, format – correct, documented, then digitized and make available for distribution and in our catalog for now and future generations. We have been known to acquire whole publishing houses and imprints for continued maintenance and publishing of titles to prevent the loss of Texas literature and history.

Publishing Advocates – Writing and Publishing Lectures & Education.

We offer guidance and education for authors and independent publishers. Advocating Texas Literature and the Texas Independent Publisher through lectures, social media campaigns, static displays, content marketing, legislation, and policymaking.


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